My journey building web apps, and why you should build them too

First of all let’s get something out of the way.  When the iphone launched, developers weren’t able to build apps for the device.  So Apple came up with a solution – let people install bookmarks to websites on the homescreen.  They called them web apps.  In my opinion, these aren’t web apps, they are simply bookmarks.  Apple propositioned an existing term and tried to redefine it.

Web apps are so much more.  I consider a web app to be a website that offers dynamic functionality.   In other words, functions that can be controlled by the user and not just a static page. A web app can be anything from a social site like Twitter, to a document editing app like Google docs.

I’ve built dozens of apps over the past 10 years.  And millions of people have used something I’ve built.  My apps have been featured on Techcrunch, The BBC, CNN, Mashable, The Today Show and many other outlets.

These days, I run a small number of apps and sit on the board of advisors for a number of young startups.

I’m a self taught coder – proving that you don’t need to have gone to university to do what I do.  And I taught myself by building web apps.  This guide isn’t going to offer any technical lessons.  There are plenty of other great resources that cover that and I am no expert.  Instead I want to cover the logistics and process of building and running an app.

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