Build Your Profitable Web App

by Anthony on April 19, 2010  is your complete guide to creating a web application.  Using this guide you will be able to build, deploy and market your very own web app.

You don’t need venture capital, business plans and an MBA to build an app.  Using these tried and tested techniques, you’ll be able to build a profitable business.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

This is not your average business book – An introduction to Build A Web App

Forget Everything – And stop letting the world bring you down

The Idea

Pick Your Problem – use your current frustrations to develop your first product idea

Create a Wireframe – how to create your own set of wireframes for your application


Start Small – You don’t need a million dollars to finance your web app

How to Finance – The real ways to finance your web app


Simple Server Monitoring – Don’t let your site go down.

Hosting for Web Apps – how to choose the right host for your web app

Customer Love

Setting up Customer Support – How to setup a feedback and support system for your web app

Incredible Support – How to provide “incredible” support for your users


The Launch – How to gain early traction for your web app

Analytics for your Web App – which web statistics you should use

How to Build a Blog For Your Startup – a powerful and valuable marketing tool

Public Relations For Bootstappers – You don’t need to hire a PR firm to get press coverage


Outsourcing Development Myths – Ignore what they say and see these successes

How to find freelancers – how to find and hire the right people

Rockstar Communications – Communicate effectively and with perfect precision

Making Money

Freemium – What you need to know about this popular startegy

Passive Income – How to earn a passive income from web apps

Accepting Credit Cards – How to accept credit cards


How to Focus – achieve a zen like focus with these tips

How to Review Your Work – start an effective review system to achieve more

Forget GTD – You don’t need to be a productivity nerd to get things done

Bonus Resources

The Document Sharing Blueprint – The effective yet mostly unused marketing technique (Worth $9.99)